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Cut MP pay - the scum don't deserve a penny more.

Well the one eyed snot gobbler, our unelected Gordon announced that ministers pay is to be frozen. Well that's jolly fucking decent of him when we all know that between their sleazy deals with businesses and bending the taxpayer over the table for a fiscal arse raping with regards expenses ministers are laughing all the way to the bank.

But this one eyed idiot still fails to grasp the anger out there in the real world, thats the bit not in Westminster, not even in the sleazy laden councils, or in the sealed off from reality quango's. 

He announces that MP's are to get a slight raise, this at a time when folk are losing their jobs,or having their pay frozen or cut as taxes rise. Finding their homes being seized by the banks, those same banks that we all paid to bail out by the way. 

But getting back to MP's what exactly have they done to deserve a fucking pay rise off of us, yes for we are their employers. Are we as a nation better off? No we are in recession. 

For helping themselves to expenses that would in any other job get them arrested for fraud. Claiming so much on expenses that they need not even touch the huge initial wage. Living allowances, the so called John Lewis list, second home allowance and so on. 

Even down to us paying for their porn and an 88p bathplug!

Then there is the workload, or rather lack of it. Just look at the areas farmed off to both the EU and assorted quango's that The House no longer deal with. If anything as employers we should demand a severe pay cut in the wage paid to these rather lazy state employees.

Then we come to our employees behaviour: From Jack Straw(I shall come back to this scrotum in a moment*) having an OAP turfed out for speaking out, to ignoring us over every issue, not giving a straight answer but some bland corporate newspeak.

Hell even when you write to an MP you just end up being giving some piss poor badly drafted stock answers to questions passed down from a dumbfuck minister who could not win an arse kicking contest against a one legged man.

I refer to a written question that I had back from Paul Flynn via Angela Eagle. A friend who contacted a seperate MP on the same subject (beer taxes) recieved exactly the same stock letter back. The only difference being the name of the MP drone at the bottom.

*back to the scrotum Jack Straw: On March 8th I wrote a little bit to Jack Straw's blog over at blackburnlabour, I wrote the following:
Jack, oh where to start on this. 12 years you lot have been in power and you have failed. 

The latest jape or it would be if it were funny is that of early release. 

Labour failed to get enough prisons built to house all the criminals going through the justice system. Okay they managed to stick some 3000+ laws an regulations on the statute books but as for actual prisons forget it. 

Now we find that 50,000 criminals have been let out early under the “end-of-custody licence” (ECL) system. A system brought in by one unelected James Gordon Brown, just 2 days after he became PM. 

But we are paying them as well. The way the system works (or rather doesn't)is they get out early and are rewarded for being let out early, compensated for "losing free board and lodging". 

Now when I was broken into where was my compensation for loss of earnings due to having to take time off work, my compensation for lost goods? 

None, oh they did catch him and he got a slap across the wrist, not even a fine. Me I got fined through higher contents insurance premiums.
As of today not a peep from Jack Straw, not an e-mail, not a call nothing. 

Now some might argue he is not my MP, but he did set up a blog to debate - although he has done very little of that - if an employee and that is what Jack is does that, should not the employers become a tad irate?

Then we come to lying something these employees are rather good at. Lets face it have a quick knee trembler with some slapper in the office - an office we pay for by the way - then lying to the boss and attempting to cover up said sleazy antics would get you fired from most jobs I can think of.

I mean its not the first time they have lied is it, we had the sexed up dossiers over Iraq and the campagn of Chinese whispers against weapons expert Dr David Kelly until he was driven to his death.

Plus that vote on Euope. Would have been nice after all it was stuck in the promises that they made before election. So yet again our employees have lied to us.

Then we have their looting of pensions, whilst gold plating their own. One of the reasons many vote is to protect pensions, well they fucked that one.

Then we come to liberties and boy do they take them(from us mostly). Trainspotters and tourists confused with terrorists by the police? Anyone taking a photo subject to search under terror laws. The plastic policemen pushing them around. Council snoops inspecting bins.

Tax upon tax upon tax and yet no representation on taxes. The calls for banning anything they enjoy but deem us not responsible enough to enjoy. The weight of policing coming down on citizens for petty infractions whilst letting out dangerous driving peers after little more than 2 weeks.

An open immigration policy and the branding of those who speak out as racist? Whilst showing contempt in monitoring our travel plans, the tracking our movements, our internet use, e-mails and so on. 

Then the bullshit is produced that if we have nothing to hide we have nothing to fear. Yet they do their best to stop us seeing where our employees live, keep themselves off of databases and regard us as little more than plebs and proles.

As an employer I say to them that they have failed: Failed on every aspect from crime, education, employment, immigration, terrorism, defence of the realm, even down to that most basic of requirments of any employee honesty.

I challenge any MP to counter these points.

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well someone has to keep mr smith in gruby flicks and kleenex..those wanks dont come (cum?!) cheap!..after all, his missus pisses our money away on flivalous household appliances..and bath plugs.

Odin's Raven said...

They're mostly lower than vermin.