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Don Touhig poacher turned gamekeeper: New Labour champagne socialism in action.

Hat tip to Cynicaldragon for this fine example of champagne socialism. Don Touhig MP for Cuba North, is to chair a committee on MP's expenses.
The Labour former minister who led a rebellion against curbing MPs' expenses has been put in charge of a new committee to monitor their lavish £88million taxpayer-funded allowances.
So he thinks we should leave his state funded gravy train alone and now he is in charge of looking at MP's expenses. But it gets better, by better I mean of course worse.
Don Touhig will be paid an extra £14,039 a year on top of his £63,291 salary to chair the eight-strong panel once a month.
So for each meeting he gets £1169.91 in his pocket before tax. Thats one days "work" a month. Recession, what recession it is not hitting Labour MP's.

Oh an get this he also mounted a vigorous defence of significantly increasing MPs' pay, claiming it was currently so dire that you needed private means to sit in the House of Commons.

Not expecting any radical reform of the corrupt practises in the House of Commons, I think Jacqui Smith our bovine faced expense fiddling Home Sec. will be happy when she go's to her sisters house, sorry to her home tonight.

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