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Fear - Watch out for terrorists with dusky skin & kaftans!

Oh for fucks sake just give it a rest.
This latest paranoid arsewater has the grubby fingerprints of that bovine faced, slack jawed, dim witted, kebab eating, expense fiddling piss poor excuse for an MP and bloody shoddy Home (economics) Sec. one Jacqui Smith.

Hell if the fuckers did a few more checks on who actually came in and tightened up controls as well deporting the dangerous fuckers already here they could avoid all this shit.

Apparently the state wants us all on the look out for dubious types, now they don't state what sort of dubious types they want us to look out for. Met police arse gravy terrorist spotting campaign

Although I would assume they hope will all become paranoid loons and assorted curtain twitchers looking in bins and reporting a few unidentified tins of something or other to the hotline.Although the householder will be fined for having an overflowing bin by local authority bin inspectors...
Yes, snitch, snoop and pry into your fellow citizens lives. Report that chap taking photo's, remove the trainspotters off the stations, sign up for the DNA database after all its all paranoid bollocks by an authoritarian bunch of cunts, all for your own safety.
Brought to you by HM Govt, the same worthless shower of shit that gave you the dog shit inspectors PCSO's(Police Community Support Officers)
Thankfully Boing Boing, have lightened the mood and shown this for up for the utter contemptable play on paranoia arsewater that it is.

What next a picture of a dusky moslem in a kaftan holding a curved dagger and looking lustily at a white woman? Cunts.

Lastly this piss take on HM Govt attempt to get us to be alert as the country needs lerts.

4 people have spoken:

Brewblogger said...

One of those posters is up on a billboard on Chepstow Rd, near the Hereford Arms. Unfortunately I could not get a photo of the poster and the nearby mosque

Old Bag said...

yes, i forgot that all would be terrorists leave the packaging for bomb making on top of an open bin bag where everyone can see..they really are forgetful, them murderers **rolls eyes**

Fidothedog said...

Maybe the next one could have a sterotyped O'rish man with a shamrock and bag with SEMTEX written on the side.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Love the way they subtley put out the idea that looking at CCTV camers has now become a suspicious activity but it is very nice of them to supply a freephone number for us to grass ourself up with.

I did see a very suspicious person yesterday, done up in a sort of cotton potato sack with little slitty things to see through. The popular mantra " Nothing to hide ? nothing to fear ! " sprang to mind.

"Brought to you by HM Govt, the same worthless shower of shit that gave you the dog shit inspectors PCSO's(Police Community Support Officers)"
and the new militias known as Civic Enforcement Officers plus the 60,000 Security Guards co-opted into anti-terrorism, trained under Project Argos and Project Griffin.