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Gordon Brown is a bigger cunt than Tony Blair. According to Google.

Click on pics to enlarge the searches....
First up "honest bloke" Tone, the chap who sexed up dossiers, helped kill off Dr David Kelly by looking the other way and part time banker an God botherer. He scores 49,000 hits.
Next up the one eyed snot gobbler, alledged gayboy and trouser pisser. Unelected fucker and ye olde tax an spend monster. Govan's village idiot Gordon gets 90,000. Who says he is worse than Blair at everything? Hell the cunt beat him on this test.
Whilst David Miliband, Member of Parliament for South Shields and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and waver of a banana got 5000. A very poor rating indeed when one considers the sheer amount of screw up's he has on his record.

John Prescott scored 10,500. Blown away by Minister Ed Ball's search which scored 58,900.

Sadly Jacqui Smith only scored a mere 17,500 and after all the press she generated with eating kebabs an fiddling her expenses.

David Cameron scored 29,000 a good score for the leader of the opposition. 

Whilst Nick Griffin leader of the BNP came in at 12,100.

Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems scored a mere 6150.

Still this proves that we have a significunt PM on the world stage...

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Gordons search was much quicker too.

When does the Data Communications Bill/Act 2009 come into force ? I thought it was today.

Fidothedog said...

Not sure but Gordon will enjoy reading my regular reviews of his government,

Old Bag said...

surely a chinese-style google for the UK is only a matter of time before you wont be able to search "brown" and "cunt" in the same sentance!.all we will be able to look up on wanking google is kittens!..it will happen, believe me!