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Gordon Brown the breaks his promise on fuel duty.

Pic from the sadly missed Tractorstats blog. 
Spotted this one, petrolprices.com reports:

In just 2 weeks fuel duty will rise again, bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71 pence in every pound - despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising not to raise fuel duty.

But wait did not the one eyed, unelected snot gobbler, the alledged trouser pisser and saviour of "The World" not promise to freeze duties?....

At the height of soaring pump prices Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a promise during Prime Minister's Questions on July 16th 2008 not to raise fuel duty for a year. He said: "In recognition of the problem people face with petrol, we are freezing duty on petrol for the full year."

He broke this promise in December 2008 when he added 2p per litre to fuel duty to offset the reduction of VAT to 15 per cent - a move which angered hauliers who are able to claim fuel VAT back, but not fuel duty.

He is set to break the promise for a second time on April 1st 2009 when fuel duty on unleaded and diesel will rise 1.84 pence per litre. Including the additional 15 per cent VAT on top this will make the rise at the pumps around 2 pence per litre.

New Labour giving it to the public an inch at a time, then taxing you for the lube.

4 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

What an unbelievable twat he is. Why on earth does anybody support these cretins?

OT, am I the only bloke in the blogosphere commenting?

Dazed and Confused said...

Fuck 1.84 pence. I'd happily pay an extra quid a litre if I could then douse a certain one eyed gentleman in the expensive produce there after.

Hell I'd even take up smoking, just to ensure I had a fucking lighter on me to see my proposal through to it's rightful conclusion.

Fidothedog said...

Oldrightie, fuck knows why anyone would vote for a liar who breaks his word?

Dazed, with you on that one. I would be willing to pay a goodly sum for the pleasure of seeing Brown cooked in his own fat.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

GB " Stroppy twats those truckers, need taking down a peg or two. Have the 40,000 tasers arrived yet ?"