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Gwent Police lose data disc.

Another day an another data loss story. The police lose data disc.

The personal details of more than 2,300 crime victims were lost in the post by Gwent Police, BBC Wales has discovered.
A CD went missing in May 2007, but the force said those affected were not told because it was decided their details could not be accessed.
Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to the four Welsh forces also uncovered cases of staff using police national computers without authorisation.
South Wales Police were the only force which refused to release information.
BBC Wales has referred South Wales Police's refusal to give details of security breaches to the information commissioner's office, which also rules on whether public bodies are implementing the freedom of information law properly.
Gwent Police said its CD had been sent to another organisation but, while the envelope arrived, the disc was missing.
It contained details of victims of theft, burglary and other offences, and was password-protected but not encrypted.

No great surprise, I wonder if a PCSO was put in charge of posting it?...

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