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Jack Straw - gets the truth.

Dubious MP Jack Straw seen here shaking hads with Bob Mugabe, has a blog: link

He thought that he would get lots of fawning comments, sadly for him that is not the case.

In fact not much in the way of comment from him, still bless him he tries. 

The other point is the rather long winded log in system, still bless his cotton socks he is a Labour MP and probably had to waste at least £200K on building the site.

I wrote:
Jack, oh where to start on this. 12 years you lot have been in power and you have failed.

The latest jape or it would be if it were funny is that of early release.

Labour failed to get enough prisons built to house all the criminals going through the justice system. Okay they managed to stick some 3000+ laws an regulations on the statute books but as for actual prisons forget it.

Now we find that 50,000 criminals have been let out early under the “end-of-custody licence” (ECL) system. A system brought in by one unelected James Gordon Brown, just 2 days after he became PM.

But we are paying them as well. The way the system works (or rather doesn't)is they get out early and are rewarded for being let out early, compensated for "losing free board and lodging".

Now when I was broken into where was my compensation for loss of earnings due to having to take time off work, my compensation for lost goods?

None, oh they did catch him and he got a slap across the wrist, not even a fine. Me I got fined through higher contents insurance premiums.
No reply as yet, still at least he knows that not all the plebs and proles are taking a nice bite of the "tasty shit sandwich" on offer.


4 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

Tut tut! You've got some facts wrong on this one Fido!

From the footer of Jack's blog:

Copyright © 2009 Blackburn Labour Party. This site is developed and maintained for free by local volunteers. Powered by Joomla! and hosted by Bluehost with a template from JoomlArt. Promoted by Damian Talbot on behalf of Blackburn Labour Party, both at Richmond Chambers, Richmond Terrace, Blackburn, BB1 7AS.

So, Jack has managed to talk some Nu Layburr geeks to do this work for nowt.

I don't see a problem with comment moderation if some plonkers are taking down the tone. An eloquent comment debating an opposite viewpoint is far more valuable than some name calling of the Nu Layburr plebs. Smart debating will win out the argument and show the holes in the Stasi plans of Jack and his croonies.

Fidothedog said...

John I bet somewhere the taxpayer got an anal fiscal rape.

Its Labour, so it must cost us money somewhere.

Although that is buried deep in some Byzantine Peter Hain style policy forum.

I was polite, did not call the cunt a cunt once.

Dazed and Confused said...


On the Jack Straw thread, it's the first time that we've ever gone out and attacked with a genuine group mentality, something New Labour bloggers have been doing it for Years.
If we continue to take the attack to them on their own vile blogs, how can use their one size fits all "Racist" card? We can almost shut them up completely, if we continue in such a way.

John A Thomson said...

Good luck with taking the fight to the real "enemy of the state" :-).