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Labour Cllr Ralph Cook(Trowbridge and St Mellons) calls Lib Dems Sturmabteilung.

Hat tip to The Cynical Dragon for this tale of a local Cllr using rather naughty terms. The story is here in the local rag...
A SENIOR councillor who compared Cardiff’s Liberal Democrats for the second time to Nazi stormtroopers is facing an official complaint.

Labour group leader Ralph Cook likened the executive to the notorious outfit after the Liberal Democrats cut short a debate on the council’s budget.

It is the second time the Trowbridge and St Mellons councillor has used Nazi-era language to describe the group led by Jewish council leader Rodney Berman.

During last year’s council elections, he issued a leaflet describing the party’s activists as “stormtroopers” and their tactics as “blitzkrieg”.

Council leader Berman said: “I was shocked that he should resort to making such an accusation and I believe he did so because he knows I am Jewish. And by subsequently refusing to withdraw his remarks, I believe he is sending out a signal that it is all right to attack someone for race or religion.

“This is completely disgraceful for someone in his role as a community leader.”

Coun Berman’s deputy, Coun Judith Woodman, said she had made a formal complaint to the council’s monitoring officer and asked her to refer it to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Ah but as Labour keep pointing out its only abuse if non Labour people do it...