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Life in Gordon Brown's Cool Britannia.

House prices dive under Labour.
Asking prices for homes in some of Britain's most sought-after towns have plummeted by more than a fifth in just six months.

Stockbroker belt towns such as Windsor in Berkshire, one of the most desirable areas to live in the UK, are among the hardest hit since the recession kicked in.

It is one of 16 towns and cities in the UK where prices have dropped by at least 20 per cent.

Women will be entitled to full pay for the first 18 weeks of maternity leave under radical EU plans.

The dramatic extension of existing rights would more than triple the amount currently received by new mothers in Britain - but leave businesses and the taxpayer saddled with a massive bill as the recession bites.

The current UK entitlement is six weeks at 90 per cent of average salary, with another 33 weeks at a flat rate of £117.18.

The prospect of bitter strike action was looming last night over claims that British power station workers are being 'undercut' by Poles prepared to work for £4 an hour less.

Union leaders are planning a series of protests after it emerged that hundreds of jobs at the Isle of Grain site in Kent are being taken by Eastern Europeans - despite local workers being available.

Officials said they were handed a copy of a contract for a successful Polish worker, which showed a wage rate of £10.01 an hour rather than a nationally agreed

rate of £14. The GMB said it has made available the names of 350 people looking for work at the power plant - but none has been offered a job so far.

Thankfully some criminals are being caught... One of the two members of public arrested on Tuesday during the Islamists' protest was released from police custody after being charged with racially aggravated harassment. 

Nathan Draper, 18, described how he was 'outraged' when he heard the protesters and shouted obsecenities back at them. 

'A 6ft 5in copper jumped on me and chucked me to the ground,' said Mr Draper, who lives in Luton and plans to join the Army. 

'He broke my glasses. I was held in the police station for ten hours and I still have the cuff marks. I'm being charged with racially aggravated harassment but it was them who were shouting racist things.' 

His mother Ruth Griffin, 42, said: 'He's quite outraged about it because he was sticking up for our soldiers. I don't understand how the protesters got away with it.'

Gordonomics in action. As of today, British companies have confirmed the loss of 107,287 jobs in the past four months.

5 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Yup, you have to hand it to Browbama, everything since he came into Government has turned to shit. Well done, you slob.

Fidothedog said...

He listening, well he would but is busy picking his nose at the moment. Don't worry its all the fault of the Americans, the boogie started in America.

JPT said...

But at least people are starting to wake up to it all now.

Cheeky Boy said...

'All magic tricks have at there core simple devices to perform the illusion; mirrors, sleight of hand and misdirection. Money is a store of wealth or its worthless paper. In an electronic world it's a byte. The wealth was spent and the money gone well before late 2007 and it was spent by bankers on themselves. The rest is misdirection. The idea that Bankers create wealth or can bring productivity to the economic cycle is an illusion'.
Couldn't have put it better myself

Houdini said...

I would have refused to co-operate and every time a copper spoke to me I would have called him a muslim cock sucking cunt, and I mean that.

The police collude with the fuckers in order to meet their targets and avoid any conflict about going against the book. Cowardly cunts paid for by us who are scared to confront muslims but will happily take down anyone who is literally trying to do their job for them.

I hate the police now.