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Life in James Gordon "Snot gobbling trouser pisser" Browns "Cool Britannia"

Housing prices down, now if only the knives would come down on Gordon.
House prices are falling at a new record rate of 17.7 per cent after a shock rise in January was reversed last month.

Prices slid 2.3 per cent in February which more than wiped out the 2 per cent rise the previous month, according to Britain's biggest mortgage lender Halifax.

The average home in the UK is now worth £160,321. The most recent slump has pushed up the annual plunge in value to a new high of 17.7 per cent.

This is based on the group's preferred measure of comparing prices during the previous three months with the same period a year earlier.

65 killers released. Touch on the public, tough on the causes of the public...Murderers freed from life sentences under Labour have committed a string of rapes and killings.

Ministers last night admitted the full scale of reoffending by so-called lifers. After their release, the 65 killers committed at least three further murders, one attempted murder and three rapes.

They were also responsible for crimes such as a paedophile attack, two woundings causing grievous bodily harm and three offences of kidnapping, false imprisonment or abduction.

I charge you with laughing without due care and attention....When Gary Sanders was pulled over by police he was sure he had done nothing wrong.

The company director was obeying the speed limit and not driving dangerously.

But to his astonishment he was told he had been stopped for excessive laughing.

Mr Sanders had been talking on a hands-free kit and was chuckling at what his friend had said.

But the officer who ordered him to stop at the exit to the Mersey Tunnel told him: ‘Laughing while driving a car can be an offence.’

Another British jobs for Abdul, Stanislowski and anyone really story.More than 10,000 foreign workers have been handed National Insurance numbers to take jobs in and around the 2012 Olympic site.

Over six months, the number of migrants based in the borough of Newham who successfully applied for Government permission to work was three times the actual number of jobs available on the £9.3billion site.

The figures will fuel fears that work opportunities created by the building of the 2012 Games infrastructure are going disproportionately to foreign citizens.

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