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MPs demand police hunt for mole who leaked Jacqui Smith's X-rated expense: Jacqui Smith wankergate.

From the Daily Mail...Fucking hell MP's just don't get it, they fail to understand both the issue and that people are annoyed at this.
Unlike them when people put in expenses they usually have a grilling to find out on what it is being spent, unlike them they fail to get first class travel paid for, unlike them they fail to have their utility bills paid for.

If they are lucky a business person may get a small allowance for a meal and some drinks, but not the £400 month stuff your face with kebabs allowance that Jacqui and all other MP's get.

We don't get a £24K second home allowance and have to furnish our humble hovels ourselves out of our wages, thats the wage we earn and not the allowance which MP's use.

Let me give a example of an MP missing the point, this from Paul Flynn:

Jacqui Smith said she "mistakenly" claimed for a TV package when billing for a web connection and would repay the cash. The receipt was shown on television. How did the receipt sent by the MP to the Fees Office fall into the hands of the press? there are a million receipts received by the Fees Office every year.
Finding one as incriminating as this requires meticulous research.
The likely explanation is that there is a Tory mole in the Commons leaking receipts. By an amazing coincidence all the leaks have been damaging to Labour. That suggests a political motive.
No, he is wrong and I shall explain why. 

Had I, having paid my own way to work out of my wages. Not in some taxpayer funded car or on a freebie taxpayer funded rail ticket; seen that the Home Sec. had put in a claim for some grumble flicks on wankovision I would have reported her.

I would not care a flying fuck if said Home Sec. was Labour, Tory or of any other party. The fact is that her husband was sat down kitchen towel in hand - and I bet we paid for that paper towel as well!- pumping his fist and we were paying for his onanism.

If I may digress a second, Eric Pickles(Tory) showed himself to be a grasping amoral cuntmonkey and if Cameron had actually had his bollocks drop would rip him a new one and kick him out of the fucking party.

And now back to pornstar Jacqui, rather than said grumble films, whats more annoying is the whole damn cable package is paid for by the taxpayer as well.

The dim witted woman stuck the claim in along with God alone how many more and figured she would get away with it. A read of what has been put out shows that she is willing and sees it as her right to claim an 88p bath plug as she no doubt thought a few jizz films at £5 a pop was small change.

Now MP's are well paid, throw in the expenses and they can claim all the living expenses that the rest of us have to pay out without touching their wages.

3 people have spoken:

MK said...

Yeah that'd be right, the leftist is upset, not about doing the wrong thing, but for getting caught.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah thats always a fucker having someone expose their sleaze.

Old Bag said...

im just wondering how many wanks we have actually paid for..that mr smith looks like he's a more than 2-wanks-a-month type guy.