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New Labour lies on knife crime.

Yet more spin hype and lies from a do nothing, soft on crime champagne socialist swilling government.
"...And when you grow up you little girl will be pushed onto the game by a pimp, while you little boy will be part of a Yardie gang. You will live on a crime ridden sink estate. Doomed to an early death, low standard of living and almost total lack of prospects."
Four in five yobs caught with knives are still escaping prison sentences despite Gordon Brown's promise that they would face stiff punishments.

The Prime Minister, in response to a spate of tragic knife killings, last year suggested the culture of handing out cautions to knife thugs would end.

But Ministry of Justice figures released yesterday show cautions are still being handed out at the rate of 20 a day.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the percentage of offenders receiving a caution had fallen, whereas in reality the figures showed an increase from 17% to 20%.

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