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New Labour piggies: Labour couple Alan and Ann Keen claim £313,714 (on top of their £61,000 salaries)

Health Minister Ann Keen has been confirmed as Britain's most costly MP.

Her expenses claim totalled a whopping £167,306 in the last financial year - the highest excluding transport costs, which disproportionately affect some English and Welsh and all Scottish MPs.

Her husband Alan, who represents a neighbouring seat, claimed a total of £146,408, bringing the couple's overall cost to the taxpayer to £313,714 in the last financial year - excluding travel costs.

The couple, nicknamed 'Mr and Mrs Expenses', claimed the extraordinary costs despite living just a 30-minute drive from Westminster.

**Remember come election time, they feel the pain of you poor serfs, they secretly laugh at your company collapsing thanks to their parties taxes, they mock as your home is taken off you by the banks they used your money to bail out, they giggle as you have to sign on as unemployed.

You have heard the term champagne socialism, well this is it. While you struggle to afford a pint of milk they wash down the finest booze paid for from your money.

These piggies should be hung up and have their throats cut like any ordinary pig in the slaughterhouse. Cunts, utter contemptible cunts.


2 people have spoken:

Odin's Raven said...

This is kleptocracy, not democracy.

Fidothedog said...

Sadly its legal kleptomania.