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Policing in the UK: Richard Smith nicked for non stolen glasses.

I think that this member of the police farce sorry, I mean force is going to be cleaning out the cells after they have been used as a toilet by drunks of a weekend:Link

A MECHANIC was arrested after a police officer allegedly accused him of stealing his sunglasses – which turned out to be in his car the whole time.

Richard Smith, who works at MOTMax in Mansfield, said the Notts police officer could not find his sunglasses when he returned to pick up his car after testing.

It is claimed he then accused Mr Smith of stealing them and arrested him.

Mr Smith said he was held for about 40 minutes while another officer who was called to the scene searched MOTMax. The glasses were eventually found in the car.

Mr Smith, 45, said: "It was very humiliating.

"I told him that when I did the brake test I had to move an arm rest out of the way, and that there were a couple of pairs of sunglasses on it that may have fallen down.

"He just would not believe what I said. He came over straight away and arrested me."

Maybe he should resign the force and join the useless PCSO's...

3 people have spoken:

wyvern said...

What was that advert they were pumping out a while back, the one about leaving valuables in your car. Can you imagine these cunts with guns?
Seems nowadays, the only bar to getting employed in a position of authority, is having commonsense. I hope the mechanic and the company sue the cunts.
Having said that, it would be better if we could find a way to stop the taxpayer forking out for it, like taking it out of their speeding fine profits.

Fidothedog said...

Hell I would sue, defamation of character, false arrest and maybe throw in a charge of being a dull twat in a uniform as well :-)

Dillinger737 said...

Give an idiot a shiny object to pin on his chest an some authority and this is what happens. Half the police officers in the states are the same way. That's what happens when you get your ass kicked all through school and they put you in a uniform. Just out looking to show how big and bad they are.