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Sandwich Stasi: Danegrove School barring free choice.

Following on from the last post, another fine example of freedom and liberty here in the UK.

School inspects lunch boxes for non politically correct food. A primary school has been accused of running a 'mealtime Gestapo' after insisting on inspecting children's lunchboxes for unhealthy food.

If pupils are found to have sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks or full-fat crisps, teachers confiscate them and hold them in the staffroom.

The snacks are returned at the end of the day but only if parents ask.

One parent, Magdi Cullen, said she was shocked when her nine-year-old daughter Maria told her about the policy at Danegrove Primary School in Barnet, North London.

Mrs Cullen, 34, of Cockfosters, said: 'When I found out about what they were doing, I thought, "This is a primary school, not Guantanamo Bay".

'I can't believe that teachers go through their lunchboxes because there might be something like a small chocolate bar.

'My daughter has a sandwich and an apple as well, but now she has to hide a small box of Smarties I give her. It's just not right.

'The school is very good apart from this and we can't fault it in any way academically.'
**Teaching now has very little to do with actually teaching children facts but more to do with social engineering, pushing the latest PC fad/Government policies through the back door.

I love the reply, it is just classic Orwellian newspeak, condecending cockwhaffle of the finest order worthy of coming from the one eye'd cunt Gordon himself. The concept of free choice is somewhat lost on these authoritarian wankers.
The school said in a statement-At Danegrove School: We are following the Government's healthy lunches guidelines for school meals and packed lunches.
No,they are searching private property for food. Taking that food because it breaks the dogma laid down and the school feels it has to slavishly follow.
'We advise that that all pupils consume a well balanced meal at midday in order to promote healthy eating and maximise the children's potential learning in the afternoon sessions.'

Headmistress Deborah Metcalf said: 'We were finding that some children could be bringing in crisps, a Mars bar and can of Coke with their lunches. This stance is trying to work with parents to provide a healthy meal for their children.'
We are only following orders...

4 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Magdi Cullen has been ill-advised, she should coach her nine-year-old daughter, Maria, to respond to food theft with

" Fuck off you mad thieving old cunt ".

Incidentaly, what might Mars PLC have to say about being embroiled in this imbroglio ?

Damon Lord said...

In other news, in schools where policing of lunch-boxes has been successful have unfortunately also reported higher rates of malnutrition, due to school staff pilfering choice items from children's lunches, leaving some children with only bread and water for their meals.

Staff at St. Noshwell's were unable to comment, because after a large number of children failed to ask for their Mars bars, staff were stuffing their faces with the chocolate.

Cheeky Boy said...

I used to eat chips most days when i was at school(my Grandparents had a caff)not an ounce of fat on me,only put on weight when i left, too much beer,not enough exercise.

That's what is missing,not enough physical exercise...rebirth of The Hitler(Brown)Youth would be just the thing...compulsory veggism as well,while were at it ban chocolate,beer,sugar,frying,pastry,anything that is pleasurable. Welcome to the new puritanism!

James D said...

Maybe kids going home for lunch will make a comeback. Or failing that, there are always prep schools...