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Shaun Woodward MP(Labour) Grasping cuntbubble.

Grasped the max– £23,083 – on his Parliamentary allowances for the 2nd home.

A former Tory he sold out for the proerbial 30 pieces of taxpayer silver to the one eyed cunt Gordon.

Scum. Total grasping amoral parasitic scum.

3 people have spoken:

Late One said...

And this is one of the unconscionable cunts who says for the likes of us says that an hour and a half is a reasonable commute: if you refuse a job on the grounds that it will add 3 hours to your 8 hour day they'll fuck you over on your enormous £60 a week dole.

Me, I don't mind a bit of a commute: I like squeezing on to the train that Bliar PROMISED would be renationalised and reading a bit of news or disappearing into a spot of Maria Callas on the old iPod. But I also understand that for someone with dependents this a less possible proposition- those three hours care are an expensive proposition.

So how comes a shelf stacker can't claim for a second home and a chauffeur?

Fidothedog said...

Good point, I would also like to be able to claim a few grumble flicks off of the cable as well. One rule for MP's an one for the plebs.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I expect the cunt voted that it was OK for other peoples children to commute for hours to faraway schools in pursuit of Labours social engineering. Wanker.