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Taser the fucker.

From some paper up north...A MAN fled to the roof of a South Yorkshire house and threatened to jump off when immigration officials turned up today.

South Yorkshire Police said the officials were on a "routine enforcement visit" when the 43-year-old fled to the roof of the property on Dodworth Road at in Barnsley around 7am today.

Police officers remained at the scene at lunchtime trying to talk the man down and other emergency services were called as a precaution.

A woman and a child were escorted from the property by police officers and the road sealed off from Dodworth roundabout to Shaw Lane.

**Talk him down bollocks, taser the fucker. 

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Bless him. Worth about £80,000 a year benefits, smart house and a Merc. 'uman rights innit?

wyvern said...

Fido, talk him down by all means, as long as it’s jump you fucker jump.
Failing that, taser the cunt.