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Teacher who filmed pupils fighting suspended for 1 year:Alex Dolan.

From the Daily Mail....A teacher who filmed shocking scenes of pupils misbehaving for a TV documentary was found guilty of unprofessional conduct and suspended for a year yesterday.

Alex Dolan took work as a supply teacher and used a hidden camera to film life at four secondary schools while working in London and Leeds in 2005.

The footage, shown in a Channel 4 Dispatches programme in July that year, showed children fighting and refusing to work and one school attempting to conceal staffing problems from Ofsted.

But the General Teaching Council conduct committee has now ruled the science teacher breached the trust of pupils and abused her position.

Speaking after the hearing, Miss Dolan, 33, accused the GTC of sweeping its own failures under the carpet.

'I acted fairly and in the wider public interest by exposing the extent of, and damage done, by poor discipline in many classrooms in the schools, the deception by teachers of school inspectors, and the manipulation of exam results,' she said.

'I find it beyond comprehension that the GTC can spend three years investigating me when they should be looking on their own doorstep.

'Instead, they have decided to sweep it under the carpet and persecute the whistle-blower.

'The GTC conduct committee are out of touch with what really concerns teachers, parents and pupils and have missed a chance to act as a catalyst for change.'

The ruling is in stark contrast to other decisions by the GTC, which has been accused of being over-lenient towards other teachers.

Again this shows the thought processes of those in charge, the righteous who make the decisions that affect our lives. 

They are unable or unwilling to actually enforce discipline in schools due to that breaking their leftist dogma of tolerance and all view points being of equal value. 

So they have decided to attack what they see as the source of the problem, by removing her they hope to stop others reporting the lack of control in the schools here in the UK.

The viewpoint that filming is somehow breaking the trust of pupils when they themselves were breaking the rules in the first place, is one of leftist doublespeak.

The local authority, Leeds City Council that is quite happy to take money from the taxpayers to fund education actually tried and failed to get an injunction. The High Court Judge ruled against them saying that the programme served important public interests.

Far easier to pass the blame one supply teacher for filming than look at their failed fancy new age teaching methods that have failed and realise that they need to clear house and bring in real people who can enforce discipline, throw out trouble makers and resolve the issues.

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Shooting the messenger but her message is already out.
Hopefully the private sector will snap her up for Good Attitude.

Fidothedog said...

I hope so, I also hope the taxpayers lynch the local council for attempting to cover this crap up.

Henry North London said...

But this is what happens If you whistleblow or even threaten to the Hand of Common Purpose comes down like the SS and removes you and silences you.