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Trainspotters the new terrorists?

According to Rafael Behr, we have never been so free...I mocked him someone for talking out of his arse.

He came up with this cockwhaffle and no surprise that it is in The Grauniad.
Thank God, we are free, I thought. We are free from the blanket of social opprobrium that once suffocated England as it did Ireland. We are free from the stern eye of the local cleric and his loyal army of petty parishioner informants. We are free to blaspheme, to swear. Holy shit! How free are we?
Strange then that we now lack the basic freedom to take a photo of a train on "security grounds."
Edmund Tan, a retired accountant with a collection of 200 model trains, was told he needed permission to take pictures at Macclesfield station, Cheshire.
Virgin Trains says the ban is because of "security concerns", which includes fears about possible terrorist attacks.
This comes only days after I mentioned mentioned National Express barring trainspotters 

The original can be found here.
Union leaders say National Express will bar spotters from stations on the East Coast main line because they are a nuisance and pose a "security risk". There are suggestions of other operators following suit.
Loving that New Labour freedom, I really am....

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

If National Express just told the truth and got rid of train spotters for being a nuisance no-one would really care because they are ( and embarrassing loons too ).

But because of their mock oh-we're-so-seriou-0and-important "security" risk bollox they make fools of themselves and heroes of the trainspotters.

Fidothedog said...

Thing is I shall have to disagree on barring trainspotters.

On a long train trip I tend to find myself counting them at the stations, much like sheep but not as bright.

More importantly whilst spotting trains they are not in public parks or hanging about primary schools.