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Wales 2020 - Very strange forums.

A doffed cap to the Devil, who pointed out the rather poor state of the New Labour Wales site: wales 2020.
They claim:
Welsh politics. Done differently.

How does that work then? The answer is - very simply indeed.

Wales 20:20 is a new organisation with one main aim, namely to facilitate wide-ranging and inclusive debate under the ‘democratic socialist’ banner in Wales. Committed to renewing the Labour movement across Wales and remoulding the Welsh Labour Party as a policy driven, campaign minded organisation, we are governed by three simple principles:

1. To promote debate on a democratic socialist future for Wales;

2. To energise and renew the Welsh Labour Movement towards achieving its full potential, through winning the battle of ideas on Wales’s future;

3. To provide a forum for dialogue with progressives throughout Wales, working for a progressive consensus supportive of Welsh Labour’s vision for the future of Wales.

The essays, pamphlets and articles, commissioned by Wales 20:20 from some of the sharpest minds in left of centre Welsh politics, will start that debate. Our new blog with comments section, launching April 2009, will then enable others to discuss the issues fully.

But that’s quite enough of the talking. Let’s start the debate.
Okay, lets as you say start the debate.
How about the "General Discussion" forum? Sounds good. 

Such topics as "exploring my sexuality with older guys" - Must be some Peter Mandelson forum!

Or maybe "latina sex movies", always a big discussion point in the Welsh valleys I am sure. I don't think Harriet Harperson would approve of that.

How about "skinny girls fat guys naughty girls from mars" whatever that involves?

Maybe "Jesse james holiday 39"

Plus my favorite topic "Piper had never failed to make a girl happy with her tongue" - Sounds like a film Mr Jacqui Smith might be ordering off of Virgin Media grumble films tonight.

The Common Endeavours forum looks interesting, lets take a look at what they are doing there:

First up possible illegal software with "search torrent-tracker site", oh dear.

Plus "college girls are easy", not very pc this site is it?

Plus quite a few posts in some East European script.

And so it go's on, page after page of naught stuff, download ringtones, trackers, cheap meds etc etc.

Including the very strange "big breasts teens glasses cat girl cum"

Every page in every forum as far as I could see was spam type rubbish. Amusing an well worth a look just for the mockery value alone.

Page after page after page an not a tree hugger, eco loon, class warrior, unemployed chap with a bad back honest from Merthyr Tydil honest guv' to be seen.

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