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Yet more New Labour Sleaze - Lord Mandelsnake this time.

The Mail reports that Lord Mandelsnakeson is involved in yet another sleaze story. Bears, woods and shit.
Peter Mandelson is at the centre of a 'favours for friends' row over the controversial proposals to expand Heathrow.
Details emerged of the extraordinary access the Business Secretary's close acquaintance Roland Rudd - who represents airport operator BAA - had to the top tiers of Government.
Mr Rudd, the City's most powerful PR, or his company Finsbury Ltd met with ministers at least five times in ten days in the run-up to Labour's unpopular decision to go ahead with plans for a third runway, and once a few months earlier.
I am shocked I really am...

2 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

You surely can't be shocked!?!?

However, you should be outraged ;-).

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought such an honest man who has never had the slightest hint of sleaze before would be involved in that.