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The Zanu New Labour temperance movement.

Labour temperance movement
Just look at these fine socialists in New Labour, Jesus if ever there was the thought of me turning to Mandelsnake or Gordon for some man on man action; it is the thought of locking lips with these dour trolls.

Right hand side, 2nd in from the end. Now is that me or is that Mrs Barrack Hussain Obama?

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Surely that pic is a spoof ? WTF would want to kiss any of them ?


Fidothedog said...

No spoof, all the wives of Labour MP's (probably).... :-)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this from when America had prohibition?

Possibly the best pro-drinking advert ever.

I'd rather have a drink than kiss that ;)