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Adam Ingram - Champagne socialist and letter scribbling spiv.

The Sunday Herald also reports on this champagne socialist piggy........Labour MP, Adam Ingram recently announced his intention to stand down as the MP for East Kilbride at the next general election, after a row over his personal finances.

Ingram, a former Armed Forces Minister, was revealed to be making up to £170,000 from suspect consultancy work and a series of 'non-executive' directorships linked to Security & Defence Contractors while still drawing his MP's salary of £63,291.

One of his five outside jobs includes providing consultancy services to Argus Libya UK LLP, a firm that explores commercial opportunities in Colonel Gaddaffi's country. Libya is considered a lucrative place for British firms following the lifting of the arms embargo.

ngram also makes up to £55,000 advising Electronic Data Services Ltd (EDS), a Ministry of Defence contractor; around £50,000 from SignPoint Secure Ltd; and up to £25,000 from Argus Scotland Ltd. It was also revealed last week that Ingram had failed to declare the family firm he set up which accepts his extra-parliamentary takings.

The MP was quoted as saying it was a "misunderstanding" that Adam Ingram Advisory Ltd had not been declared.

The rows over Ingram's outside earnings have angered elements in his local party and prompted a senior colleague to launch an attack on the MP. Dick, a long-standing Labour member and former party councillor, said of Ingram's five jobs: Ingram dumpesd by former friend and election agent over outside jobs....

"I am totally disgusted with Adam Ingram's recent activities, and would like to be disassociated with what he has been doing. As a Labour Party member of 45 years, I am so infuriated with him."

Several Labour activists in East Kilbride are not only unhappy with Ingram's financial dealings.

Last month a series of letters supporting Ingram, sent to a local paper were found to have been forged with the alleged author and their family knowing nothing about why their father's (a prominent ex-labour councillor) name had been used to sign the letters.

A spokesman for the Scottish Labour Party declined to comment.

Some more on this failure, a monent of forgetting the rules I am sure and not attempting to defraud the tax system!
Adam Ingram fails to declare family firm but insists he will pay his fair share of tax when he takes money out of the company

A Labour former defence minister, who earns more than £115,000 from outside business interests, has failed to declare a family firm that could be used to avoid tax, the Sunday Times reported.

Adam Ingram, 62, the MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, set up the company with his wife, Maureen, last May as a vehicle for his consultancies and directorships, the newspaper said.

Under Commons rules he should have declared his interest in Adam Ingram Advisory Ltd to the parliamentary standards commissioner. The paper quoted Ingram as saying that his failure to declare an interest was 'a misunderstanding on my part, which I am now immediately rectifying'.

THE repercussions following the revelation that two letters to the News were not written by whom they claimed to be from look set to continue long into the future.
Speculation as to who “stole” the identity of former councillor Tony Carlin to pen two letters in support of Labour MP Adam Ingram and to attack and vilify his political opponents is rife.
And it has caused fury and disgust among people of all political persuasions, including the local Labour Party.

But while it has been impossible to get any representative of the Labour Party, including Mr Ingram or his aide and likely successor, Councillor Michael McCann, to comment on the issue, other local parties have been clamouring to give their views, in particular the parties singled out by the mystery letter-writer.

Well I shall deliver one more kick to the bollocks with regards this piss poor MP, I covered his use of luxury cars to travel rather than the laid on eco-cars that have an annoying noise...
Last year the Government announced it had spent £900,000 buying 110 hybrid-engined cars for the Government Car and Despatch Agency to cut down on carbon-dioxide emissions, to show voters that it was doing its bit to save the planet.

However, it is an open secret that many Ministers do not like the Toyota Prius – of which 98 were bought.

It has been nicknamed "the milk float" by Government drivers who say the car is slow and has a "tinny rattle".

A "thank you" letter from former Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram, who used the company for ten years, hangs on the wall of the firm's Glasgow base.

It reads: "Now that I have stepped down from Government, I want to thank you for ten years of exemplary service."
I wonder if that letter is a fake as well?

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Anonymous said...

I think we have to accept the fact that our parliamentary democracy has been hijacked by a gang of organised criminals. We need a military coup.

Fidothedog said...

Sounds good, so long as I can hang a few of the fuckers I will be happy.