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Alice Mahon leaves the Labour Party.

The full story is in the Yorkshirepost...
EXCLUSIVE: One of Yorkshire's best known Labour members has launched a ferocious attack on the party and Gordon Brown in a withering resignation letter in which she says she feels "betrayed''.

Alice Mahon, a Halifax MP for 18 years and a party member for more than 50 years, has resigned her membership of the party saying she can no longer stomach how it operates.

In her letter to the Halifax Constituency Labour Party she criticises the Prime Minister saying he has shown zero contrition over privatising public services and failed to tackle the excesses of the bankers.

When someone who has given over 50 years to an organisation sees it change beyond all recognistion, give up every single ideal it ever had in a quest for just staying in power then you know the game is up.

What with all the other fun and games hitting Labour at this moment in time, she could not have chosen a worse(or is that better) time to hand in her party card. 

They had my vote once many years back, can't see that ever happening again.

**Update my local MP, the libel case fib telling Paul Flynn does not get why she left. He bleats on about "whats her point" then in a long and rambling article on his webshyte fails to mention the main point of sleaze. 

Still Mr Flynn is getting on a bit and probably forgot what he was scribbling half way through. 

2 people have spoken:

Gigits said...

This is bad news for the Cyclops, but his faithful MSM lapdogs will bury it after a few hours.

Fidothedog said...

Yes but the internet will keep it alive.