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Amazon book reviews: Life Support - Derek Draper.

First up the updated tags, below some customer reviews.
A hat tip to Bastardoldholborn, for this one. Spot on(link) to Amazon.com

4 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

All you need is a bit of totty, and you'll be the Welsh Theo Spark!!! What an amusing fail for Dipstick Draper!

Fidothedog said...

Will leave the totty to Theo, he does it so well.

I just started reading the reviews and thought fuck it offer the poor chap a bit of free publicity, honest.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Update on customer tags for this book

liars (13)
scumbag (12)
fake qualifications (11)
hoon (10)
unethical (9)
scruffy (8)
lies (7)
crap (6)
in berkeley not at berkeley (6)
tramps (5)
guido s roadkill (4)
drivel (2)
it s near berkeley (2)
kate garraways tramp (2)
rubbish (2)
total loser (2)
weasel faced rapist (2)
anton dubeke (1)
bogus qualifications (1)
car crash (1)
charlatan (1)
curse of jonah (1)
detritus (1)
dire (1)
disgusting (1)
dolly (1)
faeces (1)
failure (1)
hideous wife (1)
i live on a park bench (1)
labour out (1)
narcissist (1)
owned by guido (1)
p3wnd (1)
plagerism (1)
proppa writa (1)
quack (1)
save your money (1)
self-obsessed (1)
soapdodger (1)
turps nudger (1)
uber tramp (1)
useless (1)
waste of money (1)
worst book ever (1)

Fidothedog said...

Right that it, I am off to Amazon. Not to complain but to grab a screenshot and do an update :-)