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Captain Richard Phillips rescued from Somali savages.

From Fox News...Great news. 
Captain Richard Phillips has been rescued from the four Somali pirates who were holding him hostage in a rowboat off the coast of Somalia.

Apparently Phillips jumped into the water for a second time, allowing the U.S. Navy to rapidly dispatch three of the four pirates, while capturing the fourth alive. 

Hurrah, 3 of 4 scumbags dead aint bad. 

Maersk Line Limited President and CEO John Reinhart said in a news release that the U.S. government informed the company around 1:30 p.m. Sunday that Phillips had been rescued. He was to hold a media briefing later Sunday.

Reinhart said the company called Phillips' wife, Andrea, to tell her the news. He said the crew of the Maersk Alabama was "jubilant" when they received word that Phillips was safe.

They placed an American flag over the rail of the top of the Maersk Alabama and whistled and pumped their fists in the air. Crew fired a bright red flare into the sky from the ship.

The rest of the crew and the ship had made it safely to a port in Kenya.

Rear Admiral Richard Gurnon, president of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, where Phillips graduated from, said there was no doubt in his mind Phillips would be released.

"He was the good sheppard — he exchanged his life for the life of his crew," Gurnon said. "We are truly thankful that it has turned out this way. This is exactly the way we wanted it to end."

I am currently raising a glass to the fine chaps who rescued him.

3 people have spoken:

MK said...

Yeah, great news eh.

Here's to hoping they beat all the info they could get out of the 4th one, put two in the back of his head and tossed him overboard.

Nah, they wouldn't do that, they're warriors. Besides obambi will be most upset if some sort of fair trial and social justice wasn't provide for the scumbag.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

That Captain appears to be a singularly brave man.
£ out of 4 dead, Good but await 'outrage'.
Legally Piracy is an Act Of War so hopefully there won't be any Human Rights nonsense in the treatment of the fourth.

Brown and gang, note the success to be had by robust response, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he escaped but it's not going to end with the pirates. Next time they'll be expecting snipers.