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Cyclopsgate - Brown in expenses sleaze.

Oh talk about taking the piss.
Gordon Brown was today forced to defend his two homes funded by the taxpayer as the row over MPs expenses continued.

The Prime Minister insisted his Downing Street home was not free because he pays council tax on the property.
Yeah well so does everyone else who has a job, they have to pay sodding council tax and don't get to claim it back unlike your one eyed self.
The top rate for the tax in Westminster is £1,375 but the PM claimed more than £17,000 in expenses on his second home last year.

Mr Brown, whose salary is £194,250, also makes a payment on the grace-and-favour home as a taxable benefit in kind.
So lets see he c<span class=lears £194K then claims £17K in expenses on his 2nd home. So in effect he is making a profit. Not bad as council tax is £1375 on 17K thats a cool £15,625 quid profit.
This payment is used to cover utility bills while he is living at Number 10.
He admitted expenses rules need reform, saying: 'MPs have a duty to satisfy the public their money is being spent well.
Gee thats nice of him. 
But he also stressed that he always abided by Commons regulations.
So what the rules are wrong, plain and simple. We the electorate have to pay our taxes, fund our homes, put food on the table, travel to work (or the dole office), and have all the other running costs that go with day to day living. 

We get no rebate of council tax, unless we are out of work that is. We get no £400 a month food allowance, no subsidized drinks and food in the Houses of Parliament for us. No travel expenses for us when, no claiming back utility bills, no freebie patio heaters, no taxpayer funded bath plugs and no claiming back the costs of porn films either.

If the PM is seriously claiming that on a wage of £194K he can not live on that, that he needs to claw back all outgoings that the rest of us have to pay, then serious questions have to be asked over his ability to run the nation.
Mr Brown also claimed £17,073 for his constituency home in Fife for 2007/2008 despite having a flat in Downing Street both as Chancellor and Prime Minister.
Of course he did.

Oh our wonderful honest, above all question MP's are all on holiday until the 20th April. Your paying for that as well, just saying is all.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Gordon Brown is a multi-millionaire, as is his brother. All at our expense and insider dealing nepotism. Shit bag.

Fidothedog said...

And soon to be a hated out of work former PM.