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Defence Of The Realm - Protected by just 8 planes.

Defence under New Labour...(if attacked run for the Welsh hills)
The 43 and 111 squadrons, which were due to stand down in late 2010, could be merged or axed from September although the Ministry of Defence says it has not worked out the full details.
The move will reportedly cut the number of fighter jets on standby to protect Britain from 25 to 12. 

However, it is said that at all times, four of these will be undergoing maintenance, leaving only eight on standby at any one time....

8 planes, 8 fucking planes to defend the realm. 

Other than a small bit in the Telegraph, why are the media not screaming about this? If New Labour can not protect the nation from attack then they do not deserve to be in office. With just 8 planes and provided that they are working they might just hold off the combined military forces of Lichtenstein; but even that is being hopeful.

Fucking hoons the lot of them.
A hat tip to therantingkingpenguin for spotting this one.
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subrosa said...

Thanks LV I remember reading that somewhere but I was too tired for it to register. Hope you don't mind if I do something similar later.

Fidothedog said...

Carry on, more folk who know we are defenseless under labour the better.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Seems we only actually need 2 planes ready to fly so that's alright then.