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Jacqui Smith 2nd biggist cunt in the world.

I thought this classic joke by Peter Cook, which I feel fits Jacqui perfectly. Pic stolen from GOT
Some bloke talking to Jacqui Smith an he says:

“You know, the day I met you, I thought you were a cunt. And every time we’ve met since I thought you were a cunt. And it can’t just be me, because everyone who’s ever met you thinks you are a cunt, and probably everyone who will ever meet you will think you’re a cunt. In fact, you’ve got to be the second-biggest cunt in the world.”

Jacqui thinks about this for a while.
“So... the day you met me you thought I was a cunt?”
“And every day since you’ve thought I was a . . .”
“And everyone I’ve ever met thinks I’m a . . .”
“You got it.”
“And everyone I will ever meet will think I’m a . . .”
“So how comes”, she says, triumphantly, “I’m only the second biggest cunt in the world?”

The first guy looks at her with total contempt "Because you’re a cunt”, he says.

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