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James Purnell - Soap dodging scum.

James Purnell a soap dodger who lives like a sewer rat...A cabinet minister has been accused of leaving his rented flat looking like a pigsty, despite claiming more than £1,600 of taxpayers' money to pay for a cleaner.

James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, was stripped of his rental deposit by an irate landlord after claims that he left the apartment with red wine up the walls, damp patches on the carpet and filthy stains in the kitchen.

Mr Purnell claimed £1,050 for cleaning at an average rate of £100 month using the second homes allowance, which helps MPs whose constituencies that are away from London pay to live near Westminster.
He also claimed a total of £586 for repairs on the flat, which has a rooftop view over Covent Garden.

But it emerged that he left the mess behind when he and girlfriend Lucy Walker moved out in 2006 after a two-year tenancy.

A source at the company which managed the flat said: 'It looked like a pigsty. We had to have that whole flat deep cleaned and redecorated.

'There were red wine stains up the wall and coffee stains everywhere.

'There were big splash marks on the wall. The lining wall paper had to be stripped and re-papered.

'The kitchen floor was a rusty orange colour and it should have been white. I'd be surprised if a Hoover had ever been switched on in that flat.'

Mr Purnell's spokesman admitted last night that the landlord withheld his £2,520 deposit and accepted that the property was not cleaned before it was vacated.

**Still what can we expect from a tosser who turns up in photos, after the event... Then he loses stuff his ministerial papers from his red box left on a train. Plus his wallet, complete with Parliamentary Security Pass.

Then there was his plan to charge folk on benefits 27% interest per year on emergency loans, currently free. 

Someone should teach this hoon how to use a hoover and cleaning products.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

You are so unkind. His workload washing Snotty's nappies got too much for him. Lok at those stains in the sink.
Labour, the stench reaches everywhere.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah imagine having to clean up after that fucker.