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John "2 inches" Prescott leads the Labour scum to oblivion.

Former Deputy PM boasts on his manhoods size...
Well fuck me like Lord Ahmed probably was in the prison lavs, the fool is serious.

The sexual predator, shagger of office bikes and voter puncher John Precott is leading the Labour online fightback, the tool:
“Yes, I’m white,” he said, stepping up to the podium. “But I do have a Blackberry!” He waved it in the air triumphantly. “I now have four thousand friends on Facebook!” he said. “In politics I would be lucky to have half a dozen.”
Has the thought crossed this oafs brain that he is followed as a source of unintentional humour?

His best role was as a cruise ship waiter, anyway mines a pink gin John.

2 Jabs leading Labour "To oblivion and beyond...."

Oh I wonder if he is taking his wife on the "battle bus" or is Tracy popping along for the "ride"? - She also had somethings to say about the er, size of John Prescotts manhood.
As the tabloid The Sun reported:here
TWO Shags John Prescott has a manhood the size of a COCKTAIL SAUSAGE, says ex-lover Tracey Temple.
The lardy Deputy Prime Minister might have the body of a saveloy but in the department where it matters he is a chipolata, she recorded in her diaries.

Tracey, 43, revealed at the weekend that Prescott, 67, gave a four-times-a-night performance.

But it seems that things weren’t always up to scratch ? and he once had to resort to the love drug Viagra after “an unsuccessful attempt at sex”.

5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Puny prick Prescott!

Cato said...

Mind you, you could easily lose a cocktail sausage in the Blackwall Tunnel.

subrosa said...

Well said LV. What a bunch of chancers.

Fidothedog said...

Like that one Cato. :-)

MK said...

Chipolata! Lol, that's too much.