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Just fuck off Gordon, go now.

From The Crown
In the name of God just go. 

Snubbed by Pakistan, mocked by South Americans, corrected on finance by Poles. Unbelieved in all he says, untrusted and disliked by one and all. 

Regarded as a joke both at home and abroad, the worst PM ever to hold office and what is worse no one voted him into that role. 

The nation is broke, our finances ruined, millions out of work and still he refuses to accept any blame.

4 people have spoken:

Tory Poppins said...

You're a genuius! nicking as I speak! ;-)

Fidothedog said...

Found it over at The Crown blog, link added.

Old Bag said...

i'll pay for the cunt's one way ticket to mexico if he fucking resigns.

MK said...

I sure hope gordon doesn't wander into a road without looking, cos i doubt many would brake for gordon.