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Klaus Matzka told to delete photos of transport by police.

Now I am no fan of The Grauniad, but that aside this story has come to my attention of a member of Her Majesties plod getting rather big for his size 10 boots and in a word becoming a total authoritarian windowlicking hoon.
Like to a story of another police hoon expanding on the laws......Like most visitors to London, Klaus Matzka and his teenage son Loris took several photographs of some of the city's sights, including the famous red double-decker buses. More unusually perhaps, they also took pictures of the Vauxhall bus station, which Matzka regards as "modern sculpture".
But the tourists have said they had to return home to Vienna without their holiday pictures after two policemen forced them to delete the photographs from their cameras in the name of preventing terrorism.

Matkza, a 69-year-old retired television cameraman with a taste for modern architecture, was told that photographing anything to do with transport was "strictly forbidden". The policemen also recorded the pair's details, including passport numbers and hotel addresses.
Right, lets get this clarified so even that retarded PC who no doubt had a large boner in his trousers at the thought of pushing folk about can understand it. There is no law that forbids anyone in a public place filming/taking photo's. 

On private property that is different, like say a pub and I have taken many a pub photo over the years - a quick word in the Landlords ear and they are in the main a pleasant breed who are more than happy for customers to snap away.

Even then on private land if an issue happens and you feel threatened you can argue that filming is for your own protection (been there done that and shall dof my cap at the unpleasant staff at the local JD Wetherscum), they also do not have the legal powers to remove film, delete photos or attempt to grab cameras which also happened that night. Although they can apologise and then bar you afterwards. 

Needless to say this particular weapons grade bell end who disgraces the force did not actually quote the law to them, as there is not one covering buses, trains or any form of transport.
In a letter in today's Guardian, Matzka wrote: "I understand the need for some sensitivity in an era of terrorism, but isn't it naive to think terrorism can be prevented by terrorising tourists?"

The Metropolitan police said it was investigating the allegations.

In a telephone interview from his home in Vienna, Matka said: "I've never had these experiences anywhere, never in the world, not even in Communist countries."

He described his horror as he and his 15-year-old son were forced to delete all transport-related pictures on their cameras, including images of Vauxhall underground station.
Forced to delete, well this jack booted retard on the force has no legal power to do that.

If you are arrested the police may grab your film or memory cards as part of a search, but they are still not authorised to delete any images. After all, if you've committed an offence the images would act as evidence, and if you haven't broken the law, the images are innocent. 
"Google Street View is allowed to show any details of our cities on the world wide web," he said. "But a father and his son are not allowed to take pictures of famous London landmarks."

He said he would not return to London again after the incident, which took place last week in central Walthamstow, in north-east London. He said he and his son liked to travel to the unfashionable suburbs.

"We typically crisscross cities from the end of railway terminals, we like to go to places not visited by other tourists. You get to know a city by going to places like this, not central squares. Buckingham Palace is also necessary, but you need to go elsewhere to get to know the city," he said.
Sadly thanks to this dim witted oaf, who made up the laws as he went along by the sound of this, we have lost another tourist.
He said the "nasty incident" had "killed interest in any further trips to the city".

Jenny Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority and a Green party member of the London assembly, said she would raise the incident with the Met chief, Sir Paul Stephenson, as part of discussions on the policing of the G20 protests.

"This is another example of the police completely overreaching the anti-terrorism powers," she said. "They are using it in a totally inappropriate way.
"I will be raising it with the commissioner. I have already written to him about the police taking away cameras and stopping people taking photographs and made the point that if it was not for people taking photos, we would not know about the death of Ian Tomlinson or the woman who was hit by a police officer."
A spokeswoman for Metropolitan police said: "It is not the police's intention to prevent tourists from taking photographs and we are looking to the allegations made." The force said it had no knowledge of any ban on photographing public transport in the capital.
In answer to the spokeshoon of the Metropolitan police, that would be because there is no law against taking snaps in public.

The sooner we have removed that one eyed unelected cyclopedian pigs arse of a PM and the rest of his small brained, genitalia lacking government the better we will all be.

I posted on this issue of taking photos here, for more advise on the laws regarding this check this site out:

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3 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

I'm unsure as to why people are shocked that a group of former Marxist ministers, (all you need to do is study their backgrounds) are busily going about their business of imposing their own warped ideology into all aspects of British life.

It's our fault! Each and every one of us should hang our heads in shame, that we didn't care to lift a finger, or indeed raise an apathetic voice to stop this current shambles from usurping power, and then widely implementing their own core beliefs.

Stalin purged his armies of those whom wouldn't necessarily adhere to his own agenda. B"liar" and Gordo, have attempted to do this in a more subtle way, by sending our armies into foreign wars without the basic equipment or public finances to do their jobs properly.
The Yanks call the British army "The Borrowers" - Do we not care that a "British government" would despise their troops in such a way?

Today, we're under more stringent surveillance than any Communist Country could ever dream of, and with each and every passing moment, we learn of yet more attempts by this vile regime, to corrupt and suppress our freedoms, whatever that may entail.

New Labour don't care a damn about it's peoples for we are indeed expendable in their own "utopian" dreams. (Didn't Jack Straw once comment that the British people weren't worth saving?) You can't get any clearer than that, of what New Labour scum think of us all! power and power alone, is their aphrodisiac.

Just imagine if El Gordo had had the strength in his own odious convictions and called a general election in November 2007.
He would have almost certainly have won!

Today we would be facing the prospect of almost another four Years of Communist - Sorry! - Socialist rule.

Of that we should be eternally grateful, and count our blessings that Gordon Brown is an odious coward.

Gerrards said...

The Brown Junta is hateful indeed, but you'd be a bit naive to think the would be successors would be any better. Paranoia is too useful a tool for a politician to give up, particularly if he or she wants to be Home Secretary or PM.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I visited several communist countries and never once had a problem photographing anything ( including warships at Odessa ); I doubt if this chaps complaint will really be investigated because Jacqui, well known cunt, Smith will brush it off as an unsubstantiated allegation.