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Life in Soviet Britain: Some examples out of so so so many examples of fuckwittery.

Watch out for hanging baskets...Hanging baskets have been banned from a north Wales high street due to fears that workers could get hurt trying to water them.

Retailers have been accused of letting health and safety concerns get in the way of sprucing up Abergele's main shopping area.

They fear they wouldn't be insured if staff injured themselves watering plants, so have decided not to supply hanging baskets this year.

These dickheads would have banned the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on safety grounds.

Gridlock Britain - If your reading this abroad then don't bother coming to the UK as you will be stuck in traffic!....Millions of Britons embarking on their Easter getaway today via road, rail or air are facing huge delays.

Around 10million drivers are expected to take to the roads over the holiday period with today expected to be the busiest day. Traffic flow will be 50 per cent higher than on a normal weekday.

Engineering works on the railways will lead to disruption on many key routes, including the West Coast mainline between London and Scotland.

Rules is rules guv...An irate householder has struck back at overzealous binmen by blockading their lorry after they refused to empty a garden waste bin - because it contained five small stones.

Jason Bilton, 39, sparked a 60-minute stand-off after blocking the cul-de-sac with residents' bins and recycling boxes.

The three crewmen were stranded while Mr Bilton - still in his pyjamas - demanded that they empty the woman next door's bin.

Give a wanker a clipboard and he starts to plot how to invade Poland.

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Hanging Basket Hazard.
1) Norwich city Council got carried away with these some years back; they banned them from their Social Housing in case the old dears who hung and tended them took insufficient note of their " duty of care" and said Hanging Baskets fell and decapitated a passing member of the public.
It never happened, of course, the ban was banned.

2) In my fair City there is a slightly out of town up-market row of shops including a bank branch with a cash machine. At 10pm it is always amusing to pull over into the adjacent parking spaces to watch the Students queue for cash because, at that precise time, the Hanging Baskets automtaic sprinkler comes into action, drenching the cash seeker below.

Fidothedog said...

Excellent love the idea of the auto sprinkler system wetting the folk.