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Martin Plant illiberal fucknut.

A doff of the trilby hat to Bristol Dave we has spotted an illiberal fucknut and holder of a very small penis; and so over to Dave who rips him a new blowhole:

Is UWE Professor Martin Plant, who thinks that Supermarkets selling cheap alcohol are akin to "crack dealers".
Supermarkets which sell cheap booze have been accused of behaving like crack dealers by a Bristol professor.

Addiction expert Martin Plant told an influential committee of MPs that retail giants had ignored years of warnings that low-cost alcohol kills.

The University of the West of England Professor of Addiction Studies, who has been researching the social impact of alcohol and drugs for nearly 40 years, said studies showed education about the harmful effects had little impact on consumption but hiking up prices did – a move he wants introduced.
I wonder why it is that everyone who advocates charging higher prices for alcohol in order to "save us from ourselves" looks like they have no mates, and have never had a drink in their life?

But this is what it's all about, isn't it? Saving us from ourselves. Social experimenters like this fucking cunt and most other university professors, government ministers, etc, who believe that we simply can't be trusted to live our lives on our own. We need constant guidance, interference and control. Notice the constant references to "young people" throughout the article as well. But won't somebody think of the children?

Fuck right off and leave me the fuck alone, you nannying, hectoring, supercillious, patronising CUNT.

Well said. I shall just add that to compare a discount ale to crack is just plain stupid beyond words. 


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