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Paul Flynn - Public sector jobs.

Paul Flynn MP shows that both he and his party are the worst people to have in The Commons with this:
Newport's large numbers of public sector jobs will help the city to weather the storm
So jobs that are created and funded 100% by tax, that is tax raised from the private sector is the way forward. 

Public sector jobs create no wealth, the wages spent on them could be better spent.

Paul Flynn who earns a wage of £64K a year, thinks its fine to fleece the public for all this: 

Paul Flynn claimed £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. Claims £9,629 in stamp duty and fees
Mortgage interest £215.00, Utilities Water 26.07, Electricity £27,00, Council Tax £89.33, Television service £16.50.

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