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'They're the original traffic calming measure' - Potholes are good!

New Labour style newspeak in action...The council outlined its plan in an article headlined New Thinking Please, in a regular newsletter delivered to homes in the village. 

Although the responsibility to fix roads lies with Essex County Council, the parish said the cost of repairs is passed on to villagers through their rates.

As a result, it has has decided not to provide details of potholes to the county council next year.

The article, by an unnamed author, urged residents to 'stop complaining about the verges and potholes', adding:

'Potholes cost a lot to repair and that's our rates.

'Coupled with potholes there is an ongoing cry for speed limits. Well, potholes are the original traffic calming measure.

'So what with saving much time, rates and calming the traffic, potholes seem quite friendly.'

**Next up C-Diff & MRSA are waiting list control measures, rigging elections is looking after your interests, oh the list is endless.

**Hat tip to contemptistotal, for this bit which I have coped:
A spokeswoman for road safety charity Brake said: "This is a wholly original idea; however, there are no short cuts with road safety.

Oh! A charity got involved? Quick! To the Fakecharities.org mobile! And yup, Brake is a fake charity. 

Out of a total income of £1,077,392, £70,991 (6.5%) was provided by government grants. £285,718 was provided through "corporate partnership" and £333,057 was through donations.

Not to the extent as many other charities, but a fake charity nonetheless. Take the king's shilling, do the king's bidding.

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