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Tony “that's £60,000 you owe me Tony” McNulty's office door painted.

From the Harrow Times...A HARROW MP who claimed public money for a house his parents live in has fallen victim to a graffiti vandal.

The door of Tony McNulty's office, in Byron Road, was daubed with the words “that's £60,000 you owe me Tony” last week.

The vandal is apparently angry at the conduct of the Harrow East MP, who claimed £60,000 from the public purse in allowances for a second home in Harrow, which turned out to be his parents' home.

Mr McNulty has a home in Hammersmith and claims he did nothing wrong in claiming the money, through the Additional Costs Allowance, saying he used the Harrow house “considerably” for constituency work and staying at weekends.

However he may face an public inquiry into his expenses claims, and has come under fire from Tory councillors for registering to vote at the Kenmore Avenue address, despite not actually living there.

The graffiti, daubed on the front door with blue paint, has now been painted over but the words are still visible.

Oh dear, how sad :-)

2 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

We shouldn't mock the afflicted :) :)

Your music vids are causing me problems :(

MK said...

Labour seem to have reached the point where they now consider themselves serving the country as doing you citizens all a huge favor. Good on that vandal, well done. And i never thought i'd say kind words towards vandals.