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"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome MP?" - Margaret Beckett expenses row.

Here we fucking go yet again....Housing minister Margaret Beckett has today become the latest Cabinet minister to be embroiled in the 'three homes' loophole row.

Fuck, just look at that. Jesus wept, the last time I saw something like that its parents lived in the dark woods of some red-neck US state and were charged with incest. Every horror story of what happens when cousins get close is here in glorious colour for the world to see.

I wonder if anyone is planning a re-make of the film Deliverance and does Beckett play the banjo?

Chancellor Alistair Darling, Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon and Mrs Beckett have all been accused of pocketing cash from renting out London flats, while living in grace-and-favour homes and claiming expenses on a third home.

They face calls to pay back money earned for their second homes. All three have denied breaching Commons rules.

Mrs Beckett, MP for Derby South, was given a grace-and-favour home in 18th century Admiralty House while she was President of the Board of Trade in 1997.

She is believed to have lived there for just over eight years, after the home underwent a £65,000 refurbishment. She then moved to Carlton Gardens for a year following her appointment as Foreign Secretary in 2006.

Mrs Beckett has claimed £106,000 in expenses for a second home between 2001/02 to 2006/07 and has also declared a flat in London as 'residential rented property' in the Commons Register of Members' Interests.

But she has denied making money from renting out the Westminster flat, saying she was simply 'covering costs'.

Her spokesman told the Evening Standard: 'Nothing has ever been done outside the rules of Parliament.'

Maybe we should take it to the "court of public opinion" with the Labour lot first mentioned with regards Sir Fred's huge pension. A pension he was awarded despite fucking up a bank. 

After all it may be right, it may be in the "rules" but it is just so wrong. 

Still this is an MP so ugly that even the most vile Catholic priest would consider a life of celibacy over abusing her.

But it is not as if she has done bugger all of use whilst in power, soundbites by the million and her horselike baying can be heard for many a mile. Oh she made a pigs ear of payments whilst at Defra to the tune of a £500 million quid fine, claimed that those who deny climate change should not be given a voice and compared them in doing so to moslem terrorists. Oh an she misses important meetings to give lectures.

A vile disgusting MP in both physical form and mindset, a vile evil woman of the lowest form. 

Would that some latter day knights could splatter her rather small and not oft used brains across the floor in the style of Thomas Becket

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Nazi concentration camp guards broke no rules either. Beckett looks like one of those "things" they use to frighten kids on ghost train rides.
I'd check her husband's porno subscriptions,he simply cannot be shagging her,surely?

Houdini said...

Cunts like Mrs Dale are really beginning to fuck me off. Because he sucks on Tory cock, literally and metaphorically, he keeps spouting the shit that it is the rules at fault.

Here's a point for you...the cunts in Parliament make the fucking rules, and even if they didn't they are all supposed to be honourable members and shouldn't be screwing every fucking penny out of the tax payer they can. I want to see someone on TV and mass media ask that fucker Hoon how many sets of body armour his expenses would have bought when he was telling everyone the troops had enough, and at the same time were, officially, dying for lack of it.

You'd have thought pontificating and whiter than white Labour party MPs, especially those who are supposedly socialists and fighting for the working man would avoid making themselves millionaires so blatantly, but they are the greediest cunts of the lot.

Fucking scumbags.

Cato said...

Dear MP, whomsoever you may be.

In recent months public concern and anger has been growing at the unbounded avarice displayed by you and many of your colleagues.

I refer, of course, to the outrageous amounts of taxpayer's money which you have seen fit to claim as your own; for second home expenses, the avoidance of Stamp Duty, for flat screen televisions, for barbecues, for hosepipes and even for bathplugs: the list is almost endless.

I and countless others in this country would be grateful for an account of your justification for such expenses.

You and many of your colleagues have stated that such claims are entirely within the rules for such expenses.

The fact, however, that they may be within the rules does not make it morally defensible to claim such amounts. You know, as does virtually every person in this land, the difference between right and wrong, the difference between morality and immorality. You know too that no other person in this land is able to submit such staggering claims without any checks or counterbalances.

To claim that such expenses are right parallels the days of the Nuremberg trials when the leaders of Nazi Germany claimed that they were only following orders. So, that made it alright for such excrescences as Auschwitz and Dachau to exist...they were within the rules of course.

I would suggest, dear MP, that you go and look hard at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself whether in these present days such obscenities as your expense claims are morally right.

I think you know the answer you'll get.

your etc.


(I posted this on my blog on 5th April

subrosa said...

I don't really care how photogenic our politicans are as long as they are committed to the job for which they're elected.

Far too much emphasis is put on looks these days and that was part of the downfall of the best MP labour ever had - Robin Cook.

So let's pay more attention to substance rather than camera appeal. That doesn't mean to say the above has any reason to milk the taxpayer of course.