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13 MP's received payments to give up cheap rent deals

Worthless scum cost the public money....
At least 13 MPs have received windfalls worth thousands of pounds to give up their right to cheap rent in a deal that led to taxpayers paying substantially more for their second homes.

The Dolphin Square estate in Westminster — originally owned by the council — had for many years provided low-cost accommodation for dozens of MPs. However, after the estate was bought by a private company, all tenants were offered a lump sum in exchange for either moving out, or paying a higher rent.

Many MPs accepted the windfalls and stayed in the flats while the taxpayer picked up their higher rental bills.

At least one MP is said to have taken a “six-figure sum” to move out.

MP's who helped fuck over the taxpayer: Joan Humble, Dai Havard, David Lidington, Paul Holmes, Sir Patrick Cormack, Sir Menzies Campbell, David Wright, Sir Alan Beith, Tony Wright (Great Yarmouth ), Andy Burnham, Richard Younger-Ross, Sandra Gidley, John Barrett.

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