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Another worthless Labour pig MP hogging our money: Jim Devine MP.

New Labour MP Jim Devine has fiddled  a total of nearly £17,000 in “car” and “mileage” costs, but the office manager, Marion Kinley, told the Sunday Herald she did all the driving and “I received only £60.” Devine has some improbable excuses.

A leaked email also shows that a Labour councillor accused Devine, the MP for Livingston, of expecting his staff to act as chauffeurs.

The news of Devine's expenses claim comes as MPs are under increasing pressure to explain their use of the taxpayer-funded allowances system for travel expenses and second homes.

Marion Kinley lodged a grievance against Devine last year after working for him since June 2006. In October, he suspended her on full pay. The Sunday Herald understands part of the row focuses on Devine's travel expenses.

Since September 2005, when Devine was elected, the parliamentary expenses register shows that he has claimed £17,380 in "car" and "mileage" costs. This can also cover taxi expenses.

A typical example of the champagne socialist New Labour scum, living high on the hog on your money. Oink oink oink.

But no money form Jimmy boy for the Gurkha's as he voted against them the evil champagne swilling socialist pig that he is.

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