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'Ay up! Trouble at t' mill' - MP Expense in Telegraph.

Go read the lot and get annoyed, break the piano an make yourself a garrote for your local Labour MP: Link

• Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, claimed money for three different properties in the course of a year, and spent almost £5,000 on furniture in just four months after buying the third property.
• Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, claimed back twice as much for his council tax as he had actually paid. He later repaid the money and apologised for the error.
• Paul Murphy, the Welsh Secretary, splashed out more than £3,000 on a new hot water system for his second home, explaining in a letter to the parliamentary fees office that his water was too hot.

Hoons, utter taxpayer cash wasting hoons all of em. 

Another Nokia will die later, thrown against the bunker wall as Gordon reads the papers....

But worry not dear readers as a taxpayer funded cleaner will be picking up the tab, much like the taxpayer funded cleaner who just happens to be the PM's brother.
Gordon Brown claimed back £6,000 after paying his brother for cleaning at his Westminster flat, it has been reported.
Then we have comrade squirrel, Ms Blears who claimed for expenditure on three different properties during the period including a hotel where she stayed after selling a Manchester home. Never mind you can only live in one place at a time, who cares its only taxpayers cash. Still she has done "nothing wrong", "within the rules" soundbite soundbite soundbite...Honest as the day is long she is.

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2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

oh they have all learned the "within the rules" soundbite from jackboots!..fuck, she probley wrote it!..i am definately going to be keeping an eye on this, getting angry whilist taking pride in the thought of all the piies squirming..utter trough gobbling cuntish hoons.

Fidothedog said...

Why was Cyclops not cleaning himself? Plus he is married does his good lady wife not know how to use a duster?