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Barbara Follett - Troughligate socialism in action.

Here we go again, another champagne socialist troughligate piggy: hBend over taxpayers and take up the bottom from Barbara....

The Minister, who is responsible for encouraging holidaymakers to visit Britain, demanded that the public pay for her extra protection because she had been mugged and followed by a stalker.

Her claims, disclosed by The Daily Telegraph as part of a wider investigation into allowances received by MPs from all parties, highlight serious flaws in Britain’s system of cost reimbursements and the true scale of ministers’ claims.

Mrs Follett, the Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism, is married to Ken Follett, a best-selling thriller author whose income has been put at £13 million a year ($20m) by Forbes magazine. They own a holiday home in Antigua, a house in Cape Town, a former rectory in Mrs Follett’s constituency of Hertfordshire - their main residence - and a buy-to-let flat in south London.
But Mrs Follett nominates as her second home a four-storey property in a Soho side street.
She does not claim back mortgage interest payments but instead charges taxpayers for weekly “mobile security” patrols at the property, upkeep of their CCTV monitors and a burglar alarm system operated by BT.

The total cost of the security patrols between 2004 and 2008 was £25,411.64.

Barbara had nothing to say and was last seen running away on her trotters, her curley tail in the air and squealing about how unfair it all is...
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3 people have spoken:

ConstantlyFurious said...

EXACTLY. Come on Stevenage - here's why you need to chuck Barbara out.

Call for a by-election now. Get rid of the ultimate Champagne Socialist

Fidothedog said...

Sadly she will escape doing the gallows jig.

John A Thomson said...

Goodness! She's pretty squeaky clean compared with the other little piggies! Just a link oink from her that is drowned out by the other little piggies with their noses in the trough.

Proof positive that not all little piggies are equal!