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Benefit theft: Re the MP filth infesting The Commons.

Doing the rounds on the interweb...
Meanwhile have a read of the "excuses" used by the filth that passes for Rt Hon. members of the House of Commons.

"From a natural justice perspective I feel a justifiable exception would be the fairest manner to deal with the current situation" – letter from Labour MP in 2006 on why he should be allowed to claim for a £3,100 Sony 40 inch TV. Because it is impossible to do ones job as an MP without a 40 inch telly box.

"I object to your decision not to reimburse me for the costs of purchasing a baby's cot for use in my London home...Perhaps you might write to me explaining where my son should sleep next time he visits me in London?" – letter from Labour MP in Nov 2004, because the poor soul on a mere £64K a year is a mere step from the poor house.

"The work surfaces are no longer hygienic and the sink unit, which is an old brown plastic double bowl, is scratched and very ugly" – letter from Conservative MP justifying the £5,347.36 cost of his new kitchen at his flat in 2007. I am sure all those who have been laid off in the recession will be oh so happy at his hogging from the purse.

"Ref: claim for lounge corner unit: if you feel this is excessive can I say that due to size and layout of the room a normal three-piece suite will not fit. This 'corner group' fits perfectly" Labour MP writing to the fees office in August 2006, oh the poor dear just has to have the right furniture at someone elses expense of course.

"Old flat. Facilities out of date. Decrepit. Health reasons. Update. Living in slum. On advice, called in contractor. Recommended kitchen and bathroom replacement" – note made by official in fees office of conversation with Labour MP who had claimed £12,400 for work to his flat. Solution, dip into his savings an stop being a cunt.

"I would be very grateful if (the expenses) could be paid in the last round of the year on Friday. Otherwise I might be in line for a divorce!" – letter from Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary in 2005 after making a single claim of £16,500 on his London flat. My answer would have been two words: "Fuck off."

"Reducing the payment by over £1,000 affects my cash flow. Please expedite the payment" – letter from Tory MP whose expenses payment had been reduced by the fees office. Well my cash flow has been reduced by this government, yet I get no freebies like kitchens or grumble flicks.

"I appreciate you are under severe pressure... but, as I explained on the phone, I am away for two weeks and I don't want to leave my family destitute" – letter from Labour MP to fees office. This from an MP on £64K, the cunt should manage his/her money better.
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2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

you couldnt make those shit poor excuses up could you?..utter bollocks and cockwaffle trying to cover they're asses.

Fidothedog said...

Aye, bastards all of them. Time for a hanging party.