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Bill Wiggin MP - His 'main home’ only on holidays and at the weekend.

Another day, another grasping hoon of an MP.....Wiggin filled in 23 consecutive monthly forms nominating his constituency house as his second home for the purposes of his parliamentary expenses, even though he and his wife owned it outright.
After The Daily Telegraph disclosed his claims , he took to the airwaves to insist it was all an “honest mistake” from which he had not profited.He said he had mistakenly written the address of his property near Ledbury, Herefordshire, as his second home on the forms instead of his townhouse in west London.

As The Daily Telegraph disclosed , Mr Wiggin used to nominate his London address as the home on which he claimed the Additional Costs Allowance.

But in May 2004, just after he and his wife bought the £480,000 property near Ledbury, he started writing the new address on his expenses claims forms.

He submitted monthly mortgage payments on the property for two years, even though he had not taken out a loan on it. He claimed £11,514 in mortgage interest payments after filling in 23 consecutive handwritten forms.

In December 2006, the Commons fees office asked him to provide an up-to-date bank statement and he then changed his second home address back to London.

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