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Caroline Flint - Another champagne socialist piggy getting fat off the UK taxpayer.

Caroline Flint a New Labour sow engorging herself at the taxpayers expense....Caroline Flint, the former housing minister, used her parliamentary expenses to pay for solicitors’ fees and stamp duty when she bought a new flat.
Yeah and should the rest of us try claiming back duties against tax the state would say no.
The £14,553 bill for the apartment in Victoria, central London, was accepted without question by the fees office.

She also claimed for the £177-a-month cost of putting her furniture in storage, before purchasing the £425,000 Victoria apartment, a 10-minute walk from the House of Commons, and making it her second home.

She also began to claim £3,668 a year for ground rent and service charges.

In addition to the £12,750 of stamp duty she claimed on allowances, she also applied for more than £1,000 in solicitors’ expenses, and the costs of searches and land registry fees.

In a statement, Miss Flint said yesterday: "Oink, oink oink. Weeeeeeeeeeee. Oink, oink, squeal....", before announcing she was off on a taxpayer funded jolly to France digging up truffles with her snout.
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3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I reckon she still looks better with a piggy snout than Margaret Beckett looks without one!

Basil Brown said...

Troughing quota-filling fucking thief and puritan-hypocrite. Let's make damned fucking sure her constituents know all about her contempt for them. The thieving parasitical fucking bitch. Oink fucking oink.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Ben ( dover ) Bradshaw exposed today for claimimg his entire mortgage even though he shares home ownership with his bioyfriend.