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Charlotte Atkins - calls in police over an a voter complaining about her legal theft.

Charlotte Atkins MP, happy to have you pay to fix up her abode. Over four years, Miss Atkins carried out extensive work on her detached Edwardian red brick constituency house in Leek, Staffordshire.

Her first major application to the fees office came in March 2005 when she claimed £4,000 for pulling down and rebuilding the chimney and £15,000 for window repairs and replacement.

n March 2007, she claimed nearly £4,000 for work on the bathroom, replacing the shower and bath and three months later claimed a further £5,000 for tiling, a new bathroom suite and labour costs.
In October of that year she claimed £1,884 for gardening work, which was refused and in February last year claimed a further £5,000 to repair her bay windows.

She also likes ID cards, which shows she is an utter hoon.

Her generosity with regards pissing away taxpayers cash sadly does not go to helping OAP's who took up arms to defend her right to be a grasping cunt. She voted to fuck over the Gurkhas.

Her local paper is none to happy at her either!

Oh and don't phone up her up to complain, as she will cry and call out a policeman.
POLICE went to the home of a disabled pensioner after he left an angry message on MP Charlotte Atkins's answer phone.

Former Labour Party member Brian Turnock contacted Mrs Atkins after learning the Moorlands MP had claimed more than £440,000 of taxpayers' money over the past four years. But the retired builder had to leave a message after Mrs Atkins did not answer.

The 70-year-old, from Werrington, said: "I'm plain speaking. I can't remember exactly what I said, but I told her what I thought of her. I just said MPs were all scum for doing what they had and that they should be in jail.

"I then said, I hoped I would see her around some time.

"Mrs Atkins does know me, because we have clashed before, when I was a member of the Labour Party."

Mr Turnock – who left his message on Sunday – was furious when he was visited by police on Wednesday at the Ash Bank Road home he shares with his 65-year-old wife, Eileen.

Officers had been contacted by Mrs Atkins's staff on Tuesday.

The former Werrington parish councillor said: "Getting the police to investigate is a disgrace – an abuse of power. There are people getting robbed and they can't get a policeman to come out, yet she can get a policeman out for this."
Another one going to be resigning soon? Looks like the voters are picking up their pitchforks....

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