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Claire Ward MP - New Labour hatstand for Watford.

Hat tip tothe thunderdragon who reports on Claire:

Claire Ward (Labour MP for Watford) is a hypocrite. Last year, she claimed the full £23,083 second home allowance and justified it through he party political rather than constituency work.
I am a Government whip which means I tend to be in the house for longer periods than other MPs… [I] often work until around 10.30pm at night. I often have to come back to the House very early the next morning.
Oh get the fucking violins out, she has to work late. Woe is her. So do lots of other people, they have to pay their own way to work, no taxpayer handout for travel for them. They have to feed themselves, no food allowance, subsidized bars in The Commons, no 2nd home allowance etc etc etc.

She also voted against letting the Gurkha OAP's stay here in the UK. What an evil, amoral tax payer expense fleecing woman she is.

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