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David Blunkett MP - still the same evil cunt he always was.

In advance of a speech in Yorkshire today, Blunkett told the Guardian: "Gordon Brown needs to draw a line in the sand now, not after the European elections in five weeks' time. Labour has lost its political antennae and needs to get them back. We have no underlying domestic social policy."

He added: "We have got to get our heads up again. We have got to get back to old-fashioned politics that's in touch with people we seek to represent and avoid self-inflicted wounds."

Other cabinet ministers were calling privately for yet another shakeup of the Downing Street organisation.

Blah blah blah, usual soundbites and cock waving. Just one question here for Blunkett, if as he claims Labour has lost its "political antennae" and needs to get back "in touch with people we seek to represent" then why did he vote against the Gurkha's the other day?Link

Still the same evil filth laden cunt that he ever was, fucking die Blunkett you scum and hopefully die a pain filled slow death screaming in agony, you cunt.

This from a tool who gets a boner over dogs(Kimberley Quinn enclosed in the photo not Sadie his guidedog) as well as talking up ID cards and trying to keep quiet his involvement with Entrust.

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