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Dr Malcolm Jack: How dare the great unwashed see our theft, before we have censored the report.

Dr Malcolm Jack(the grafting wig wearing hog inset), in charge of hogging expenses...The Commons official who called in the police over the leak of MPs' expenses splits his time between four homes in three countries worth an estimated £4.5million.

Dr Malcolm Jack, the Clerk of the Commons - its chief executive - contacted Scotland Yard on Friday to say he believed there were 'reasonable grounds' to suspect criminal behaviour over the disclosures.

As the most senior figure in the House, it is Dr Jack's job to ensure that MPs spend taxpayers' money responsibly.

Yet despite this onerous duty, Dr Jack, a close ally of Speaker Michael Martin, finds time to fly around the globe visiting his properties and has a second job as an author. His publisher even describes him as 'living in Portugal'.

When 62-year-old Dr Jack became Clerk in 2006 he moved into 3 Parliament Street, a plum grace-and-favour home opposite the Commons worth £2.8million. In the same year, the Westminster authorities spent £100,000 on a lavish redecoration of the property, adding sparkling new features which included a £39,000 kitchen, bespoke furniture, a butler's tray, flat-screen television and two ionic columns costing £963.

He also benefited from furniture polishing in the 'patio area', a £1,500 black slate hearth and 'knife-pleat empire lamp shades' at £158 a time.

MPs were furious about the expenditure - ironically, given the current furore about their claims - because the spending had not been approved by them.

Parliamentary officials said the cost of the refurbishment was below the threshold necessary for approval by MPs.

Dr Jack also owns a £1million townhouse in a leafy road in Islington, North London - shared for more than a decade with his 55-year-old partner, Robert Borsje - as well as a £600,000 home in Camps Bay, South Africa. In addition, he has the use of an apartment in Cascais, Portugal, estimated to be worth at least £250,000.

Dr Malcolm Jack is El Capo or should it be El Hoggo? Angry that the mafia Rt Hon. members expenses have been exposed before being sanitised.
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2 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

Is he a civil servant? If he is then he should be investigated by the police immediately.

Houdini said...

shared for more than a decade with his 55-year-old partner, Robert Borsje Yet another fucking poof....